Friday, 20 January 2017

Such a beautiful letter

A letter from my National Academy of Osteopathy student in Uxbridge, Ontario. Letters like this make my day!

Hey Dr. Pourgol;

………It’s been an incredible journey thus far practicing and building a business... My decision to study Osteopathy at NAO was one of the best! You have truly given me the power and ability to carve out my own path in life. The tools that I have acquired though your guidance has already changed the lives of many!!! I am forever thankful :)

I am ready to continue my education through NUMSS. I am contemplating between the DO or the DO/BSc (osteopathy) combo…….

Thanks so much!!

Trevor Cragg, DOMP
Balanced Body Osteopathy

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Post by a DC/DO

A post by my student, chiropractor & osteopath Dr Richard S.W. Pang, DC, DO a student of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) in Singapore. I am happy students enjoy my lectures!

....What I liked most about the course, Doctor of Osteopathy DO (Spain), was the Business Management section. In this part, the lectures are given by, Dr. Shahin Pourgol........ When he talks, you listen. He is an extremely passionate and motivated person and teaches how other Manual Osteopaths can be highly successful practitioners and entrepreneurs like him. The reality is, as a healthcare professional, you are running and operating a business. So you need to be a savvy businessman (businesswoman).....

Doctor of Naprapathy - DN

Our team was successful to get approved and added to the curriculum of National University of Medical Sciences (USA) a new online Doctor of Naprapathy (DN) program in Naples, Florida.

Naprapathy is a type of manual health care with a focus on connective tissue.. Dr Oakley Smith (an osteopath, chiropractor and medical doctor) founded Naprapathy in 1907.

The first class is scheduled to start in March 2017.

With Ontario Dance Champion in Naples

One of my top students, who received the highest mark in her practical technique exam in her osteopathy class at National Academy of Osteopathy, manual osteopath & Ballerina Dasha Verpjitska, DOMP is an Ontario dance champion and a superb athlete.

She was a crucial help in getting the bachelor of science in fitness training added to the programs of National University of Medical Sciences (USA). I am grateful for her help.

Dasha is currently enrolled at the dual degree bachelor of science in osteopathy and master of business administration (MBA) in healthcare programs of NUMSS (Spain), while working part time for us. She will start working full time once her studies are completed.


Five minutes of meditation per day makes you a better problem solver by increasing your ability to focus. People who are great problem solvers are always in high demand. That is why more and more businesses (such as Google) encourage employees to do a few minutes of meditation every day.
Meditation also decreases stress thereby helping you live longer and live healthier. Stress kills as it is behind so many diseases.

No matter where I am, meditation is a daily must for me. Spend 5 minutes per day for meditation and see for yourself the benefits on your body, mind and business.

Holiday Wishes from the Prime Minister Family

I am honored to receive a letter from Sophie Grégoire Trudeau wishing us a happy holidays on behalf of herself and her husband, honorable Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada.

I am grateful.

Physical Inactivity Can Kill You!

Did you know physical inactivity is the number one cause of death in human beings?

Even 10 minutes of walking per day would reduce chance of diabetes.

Health professionals should be an example to their patients. If you advocate health, then you should follow a healthy lifestyle yourself.

The key to permanent healthy lifestyle is to find a type of physical activity that you enjoy doing, from gardening to walking, to swimming to (in my case) Taekwondo.

Start today. Get active. Your body and your mind would thank you for it.