Sunday, 22 June 2014

Happy World Osteopathy Day!

Happy World Osteopathy Day everyone!

In this day, June 22nd; Dr Still founded the wonderful profession of osteopathy, which has helped millions of patients worldwide. 

The profession was founded in the USA and later expanded to Canada, Australia & Europe and elsewhere. And recently with the help of National Academy of Osteopathy and the National University of Medical Sciences, the profession was introduced to many Asian, African, Caribbean & Latin American countries. 

I love osteopathy. My wish is to see the day when patients in every city of the world have access to manual osteopathic care. To that end we are constantly working to expand manual osteopathy internationally. I am proud to say that Cameroon is the latest country where manual osteopathic care will soon become available after our student graduates. 

To celebrate World Osteopathy Day and help expand osteopathy worldwide; we have awarded over $1.7 millions in scholarships to international students to study manual osteopathy ($700,000 by National Academy of Osteopathy and 1 million by the National University of Medical Sciences). 


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