Thursday, 31 December 2015

Manual Osteopath vs Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Before National Academy of Osteopathy started working 5 years ago, the term used here in Canada and USA was "osteopathic manual practitioner", which is still used by many. I coined the term "manual osteopath" 5 years ago and it became popular with my Canadian students as well as graduates of other schools.

Now most use the term "manual osteopath" instead of "osteopathic manual practitioner". However to avoid confusion, when we applied to register the profession with the Canadian government under NOC "National Occupational Classification" we used the term "Osteopathic Manual Practitioner".
Now we are registered under NOC code 3232, practitioners of natural health. So officially we are OMP, but popularly we are MO. And the Canadian diploma we issue is "Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice" which I have the copy right to but is used by other Canadian colleges as well.

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