Sunday, 25 June 2017

Campus Based DPT in Bangladesh

We now offer a transitional DPT (doctor of physical therapy) education in Bangladesh in academic cooperation with the Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPA).

For information on how to register for the on-campus doctor of physical therapy program of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) please contact Dr. Farid Uddin, the secretary general of Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association at or Phone: 01712-081578.

Campus Based DPT in India

We have now a campus based transitional doctor of physical therapy (DPT) program offered in Mumbai, India.

Paid clinical internship is available for selected students Indian DPT students of National University of Medical Sciences (USA).

For more information please contact NUMSS (USA) professor, Dr Ali Irani, president of Indian Association of Physiotherapists at or visit our website at:

Thank you.

President of IAP is a NUMSS Faculty Member

Did you know, Dr Ali Irani, president of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists is a professor at National University of Medical Sciences?

We have some of the most distinguished faculty!

NUMSS (Spain) has been chosen as the approved provider of DPT education

Our Madrid based university, the National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) has been chosen as the approved provider of postgraduate doctor of physical therapy (DPT) education to all members of BPA (Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association) for the next 5 years.

All BPA members are required to take a transitional DPT program within the next five years.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

I Love You All!

I have so much love for all of you. I wish you all the best. I wish you get whatever your heart desires.

I am the First Canadian to Own a University in USA!

I cannot believe how blessed I am to own the first and only manual osteopathy university in the states. And to become the only Canadian in history to own a university in the United States of America!

This is all thanks to you, my students, faculty and staff who supported me every step of the way. Without your help and love I could not have overcome all the obstacles in setting up the National University of Medical Sciences (USA) in Naples, Florida!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Whispers of the Water

Moments when I stand before water, it seems to whisper in my ears: Shahin, choose the simple things in life and seek pleasure in nature’s simple beauty. The water tells me that life and living is filled with joy!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A letter from one of our students in Mexico

Dear Dr. Pourgol
I first want to thank you for the great lectures the school has. I've passed through other Osteopathy schools and none of them have taught me how to become a real osteopath as this school does.
I live in México City, single mom of two boys, and osteopathy has become very important to me, a way of life.
I'm very proud to be part of the best osteopaths in the world.
Astrid Klee

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Backyard Osteopathy!

It is nice to see my students practicing osteopathy outside in such beautiful weather.
Good job Christina! I am proud of you! :) 


Understanding & Knowing

There is a big difference between understanding and knowing. You can know a lot about a subject and not really understand it. I make sure my students understand the subjects I teach.
A teacher should give something to students to take home to think about beside homework. I make sure my students have plenty to think about when they leave school! :)

Shawn Pourgol, MBA, DC, DO, PhD
National Academy of Osteopathy (Canada)
National University of Medical Sciences (Spain)
National University of Medical Sciences (USA) 

Monday, 12 June 2017

This Boy is so Cute!

My student Karen Lane posted this today. This boy is seriously cute!

"My oldest boy (2.5 years old) taking in a Dr.P MOB lecture. Future manual osteopath in the making??" 

NUMSS (USA) Campus in India

National University of Medical Sciences (USA) is in the process of setting up a campus in Mumbai to offer on campus DPT (doctor of physical therapy) and PhD in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation programs to Indian physiotherapists.

The first class is scheduled to start in September 03, 2017. More information will be released soon.

After a hard day of working on this complex project, I got the chance to finally relax and have some sardines for lunch! 

Friday, 2 June 2017

Thank you!

The Facebook group "We Love Osteopathy" that I founded a few years ago has now over 17,000 members!

Thank you for making it the largest osteopathy group on FB. I am grateful. :)

Thursday, 1 June 2017

A gift from President of India Association of Physiotherapists

A big thanks to Dr Ali Irani, president of the India Association of Physiotherapists for sending to NUMSS president, Dr Pourgol a lovely gift. It is much appreciated!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Academic Cooperation with Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association

Academic Cooperation Between Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association & NUMSS (Spain)

The National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPTA) have worked in the past two years to implement a campus based tDPT program in Bangladesh. The first postgraduate class of DPT (doctor of physical therapy) is starting this term in Bangladesh.

The tDPT education has become mandatory for BPTA members and in the next five years all physiotherapist members are required to obtain a tDPT degree, similar to the requirements of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) in the states.
As NUMSS (Spain) is the largest provider of tDPT education in Europe & Asia, we have been asked by BPTA to provide this education to its members.

We are excited to be accepted as an accredited provider of tDPT education by Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association. Our goal is to help elevate the profession of physiotherapy in BD and improve the health of society there.

Please note that in 2017 the name of Bangladesh Physiotherapy Association (BPA) has been officially changed to Bangladesh Physical Therapy Association (BPTA). 

Friday, 26 May 2017

Thank you Michaela!

It makes me so happy that my students love what I teach. Here is a letter I received today from my student Michaela:
Dear Dr. Pourgol,

Thank you again, for everything. Your lectures and instructions have been motivating and inspirational. The great atmosphere on campus carried and encouraged me. Everyone is always friendly and humorous, helpful, understanding and kind.

I appreciate your dedication to us, your students, tremendously. Whenever I had questions or concerns, you were available. Your business lectures are invaluable and truly priceless and I have been following them from day one.

I am honoured and happy to continue my studies with the DO program. The students I know who are also taking the DO program have only the best things to say about it. I am excited!

I think it was on the first or second lecture that you encouraged us to make a vision board. I made mine right away and the biggest picture was a print out of you and a former student, holding his diploma. One day, I knew, I was going to replace that picture with one of you and me, and my diploma. Mission accomplished, Sir!

There is a proverb along the lines of "people forget what you said to them but they will never forget how you made them feel" (or similar). With you, dear Dr. Pourgol, I will never forget the things you said, and I will never forget how you made me feel: You made me feel that I can do it! And so I did!

With gratitude and a big smile,

Michaela Von Pfetten, DOMP

Monday, 22 May 2017

Thank you Dani. You are amazing!

One of my top students in London (Ontario, Canada), manual osteopath Dani Reid, DOMP made such a great impression on one of her patients that made her enrol with us to study osteopathy! 

 Additionally Dani took this student, Janine Noorloos under her wings to practice techniques with her. Janine told me today about this. When I contacted Dani to thank her, this is what she answered: 

 “Janine was an MVA client from a year ago. She had concussion and migraines that was affecting her violin playing. She ended up getting full ride scholarship to Laurier University for music AND business. She told me however she really wanted to be a manual osteopath because of time spent with me while getting better. Receiving that was one of the best moments of my life. I can only imagine how many emails like that you must get in a week Dr Pourgol. I try to teach her and be very supportive like how you approach. I can't wait for her to meet you! Thanks for being such a positive energy and example.”

Students like Dani make me so proud. They are truly our ambassadors. We have many students who enrolled to study osteopathy at NAO after being treated by our alumni. Our alumni are the best manual osteopaths in the world! 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Coconut Oil Pulling

Thanks to my students for introducing me to coconut oil pulling. I have started doing it and my mouth feels great!
It is amazing! You should do it!

Benefit of oil pulling include:
Cures tooth decay
Kills bad breath
Heals bleeding gums
Prevents heart disease
Reduces inflammation
Whitens teeth
Soothes throat dryness
Prevents cavities
Heals cracked lips
Boosts Immune System
Improves acne
Strengthens gums and jaw

Thursday, 18 May 2017

So Much Love!

I am blessed that my students love what I teach them! I am the happiest teacher in the world!

These are some messages I received from my students in the past year.

-Thank you, you are the best teacher in the world!

-One thing I really enjoyed was the business lectures by Dr. Pourgol. I did not have a business background and after following his lectures, I now own a successful business.

-Thank you to the amazing Dr. Pourgol for being such an inspiration in my life.

-Hey Dr. Pourgol; You have truly given me the power and ability to carve out my own path in life. The tools that I have acquired though your guidance has already changed the lives of many!!! I am forever thankful.

- Dr. Pourgol is always encouraging and passionate about his students being successful and shares every bit of knowledge he has to help us succeed.

-Sincerely thank you Dr Pourgol. For everything. My brother is applying for NAO soon. You have created an amazing opportunity for us to improve health care, enrich the lives of others as well as our own.

-Thank you so much Dr Pourgol. Your advise always works. And you are the only teacher in the world who is always available for the students. It’s my pleasure to have you.

-Dr Pourgol - I love your video lectures ! You have a great mix of humour and technical information that really creates enjoyable and effortless learning. Thank you so much.

-Dr. Shahin Pourgol, I'm loving your business lectures. I took management at McGill University and your classes are 10x more interesting. Keep up the good work!

-Thank you, Dr Shahin Pourgol. My naturopathy practice has increase from 4-6 patients a day to 8-10, in the last two and half months.

-Thank you Dr. Pourgol! You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for being the best teacher in the world.

-Dr. Pourgol gives you amazing business lectures on how to set up a business and promote yourself. I cannot believe how much I am learning! I am so thankful every day that I chose NAO.

- the Business classes stand out for me the most since they teach you how to continue your success and build the best practice you can as a manual osteopath beyond graduation.
- His teaching style was the reason I loved the classes so much, they were straight to the point and everything had clear explanations.

-Proud to be one of your students! I couldn't be happier with my choice to come learn osteopathy at NAO from such passionate and knowledgeable teachers -- also very entertaining with many interesting yet informative stories. I truly feel honored.

- My professor, Dr. Pourgol is a man whom I truly admire. He opened National Academy of Osteopathy and expanded manual osteopathy tremendously. Thanks to him, manual osteopathy is being taught in 68 countries!

- Dr. Pourgol- thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and teaching many individuals manual osteopathy. You truly are helping many people around the world.

- Thank you Dr. Wouldn't have been able to go (to Paris, France) without your business lectures!

- One of the things that I love about the NAO founder, Dr. Shahin Pourgol, is that at various times throughout the year he will allow access to the education portal for alumni, so that we can review and watch the latest additions and updated lectures. Very generous, and without the online side of the school, not possible.

- My president Dr. are my great professor! Forever u are my great Osteopathic founder.

-Dr. Pourgol gives you amazing business lectures on how to set up a business and promote yourself. I cannot believe how much I am learning! I am so thankful every day that I chose NAO.

-Dr. Pourgol, I came across a quote today that I would like to share with you: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward. You sir, inspire!!

-The business classes were above and beyond what I was expecting. There were many times I said “I wish I knew that before” or “Wow. That makes so much sense.” I even caught my husband hanging around when I was watching my classes and saying quietly “Hmm”, “Okay”, and “Yes”.

-Your help has been immeasurable. I'm so booked I haven't had time to implement a quarter of your tips from business lectures. Thank you!

-Thank you dr P, for all the inspiration and knowledge you so generously share.

-Thank you so much Dr Shahin Pourgol for giving me the honor to be one of your student.

-I would like to thank Dr Pourgol for his passion. The university's program would not be the same without his infectious humor and expertise. He evidently loves his job, which makes it so much easier to listen and learn as a student. Thank you.

-I really like my teachers there. Starting with Dr. Pourgol who teaches Mobilizations and Muscle energy techniques, but also business management which made us prepared for business life, marketing , safety and promotion.

-Hi Dr Pourgol, Just wanted to let you know I am enjoying your online classes,

-Thank you very much, Dr. Pourgol, truly. I sincerely appreciate all your advice and your work to give us the best means to improve our odds to succeed in this new path. Your speech at graduation ceremony was very inspiring. As you said, you will always be part of the change in our lives, an important part, let me complete, and I will always be grateful to you for all the knowledge that you have transferred to us but, most of all, for your devotion as a teacher and your engagement to your students to make successful people of us. Words are not enough. Thank you.

-Dr Pourgol: Thank you for creating such a great school. I'm only a month in (dual degree BSc(O)/DO) and am loving the education. Excited to see NUMSS and NAO continue to grow. Keep up the great work!

-Dr. Shahin Pourgol, I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate seeing your proud and positive posts as well as all of amazing things that this school has accomplished in such a short period of time.

My Students Love What I teach!

“Choosing National Academy of Osteopathy was the best choice for me.
Dr. Pourgol is always encouraging and passionate about his students being successful and shares every bit of knowledge he has to help us succeed. Also you always have the professor and teaching assistants there with you to learn the correct way to do all techniques.
Plus you have flexibility with the way you want to approach each course since all material is there online when you need it. Beyond that, the Business classes stand out for me the most since they teach you how to continue your success and build the best practice you can as a manual osteopath beyond graduation.
Menashe Rakhamimov
Maple, Ontario”
I love my students!

Animal Osteopathy Courses

We are working on the following courses which will be part of the doctorate program in canine and equine osteopathy offered at National University of Medical Sciences (USA) and National University of Medical Sciences (Spain)

1.Equine and canine anatomy
2.Equine and canine gait abnormalities and lameness
3.Equine and canine osteopathic soft tissue therapy
4.Equine and canine myofascial pressure release
5.Equine and canine osteoarticular mobilization
6.Equine and canine ethics and clinical management
7.Boot camp

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Animal Osteopathy

We are setting up the first ever doctorate program in animal osteopathy at National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and National University of Medical Sciences (USA).

More information to follow soon.

What People Want

I have a sense, a feeling, or gut feeling about what people need and want. I try my best to get to know what they need/want and then I provide it to them. I believe when you learn what people want and you provide it to them, they give you what you want. It is like a symbiotic relationship. This comes with constant thinking. On a daily basis I think about this. The ability to sense what others want and need is something you can cultivate by thinking about it on a daily basis. I was not born with it. It came from daily thinking about this. When I am driving, when I am walking, and many other times I am always thinking about this. What people want and how I can give it to them. I want to offer something unique, innovative and beneficial. Something students can use the next day at work. No useless stuff. Anyone can develop this sixth sense when they spend time on it and when think on it everyday. Noone is born with it. It is something (like exercise) you do to make it stronger.

I was bad today but it was not my fault!

It was actually the fault of my employees, Dasha and Nick. They are now in Nicaragua. After teaching today at National Academy of Osteopathy, when I left work, the temperature outside was 31 degrees! I put on my yellow tinted glasses and put some Latin music and suddenly I was transported to the Latin America. Mixed that with the fact that these two employees are now in Nicaragua, made me do a bad thing!

I went to a cigar shop and purchased a CAO Maduro cigar from Nicaragua. CAO is not the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, Ontario! It is a cigar company :) If I cannot be in Nicaragua at least I can taste it :) I like dark cigars as they have more flavor.

So after about a year of healthy life style I smoked my first cigar today. I know it is bad. So if I get tongue cancer you know who is to blame, Dasha and Nick!
— with Dasha Veprjitska and Nicholas Zancai.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

This is why I teach!

A beautiful post from Jackelyn:

Being a teacher has such emotional satisfaction!

Today one of my students at National Academy of Osteopathy, Jackelyn Hurtado spoke about her father's decades old chronic low back pain improved after she practiced osteopathic techniques on him.

The emotion, happiness and caring I felt in her ability to pay back to her father for all she received from him was just amazing.

Osteopathy does miracles, in treating chronic pain and I am honored to be a teacher of this amazing profession.

"My professor, Dr.Pourgol is a man whom I truly admire. He opened National Academy of Osteopathy and expanded manual osteopathy tremendously. Thanks to him, manual osteopathy is being taught in 68 countries!

I have been practicing the manual osteopathy techniques on my dad and 2 days ago, he told me that the chronic back pain he felt, he could no longer feel. He was more shocked than ever because he thought he would be living with this pain for the rest of his life. We were both overjoyed and I was so happy that as his daughter, I helped ease his pain. My heart was filled with happiness. The look on my dads face was truly heartwarming .

Also, I truly am grateful that my good friend, Nicholas Zancai introduced me to NAO and the world of manual osteopathy. I already tell him enough times how happy and grateful I am.
Again, Dr.Pourgol- thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and teaching many individuals manual osteopathy. You truly are helping many people around the world."

Congratulations to Dr Bordoni, a member of our board of directors

Italian physiotherapist & osteopath, Dr Bruno Bordoni, DPT, DO, a member of board of directors of National University of Medical Sciences (Spain) and National University of Medical Sciences (USA) has done a research that is now published and available on Pubmed.

Dr Bordoni is one of the top researchers in the field of osteopathy and has published more osteopathy related articles than anyone else.

Here is a link to the article:

High Rep / High Set Over-training Protocol

I came across some research that says overtraining a muscle, on a daily basis with high reps/high sets for about a month increases muscle nuclei. After a month of overtraining, and a week of rest, hitting the same muscle with low to mid rep / heavy lifting, the muscle would grow bigger.

I have tried this on some muscles that I had a hard time growing and it worked pretty well.

Did any of you try this technique? What do you think of it?

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Silence Retreat

My weekly silence retreat, Bobcaygeon. Silence retreat renews and recharges my brain. I teach my students to do this regularly at least once a month to go away, somewhere quite in nature, with no TV, radio, & people, to be alone with nature.
The healing creative power of nature is amazing. You come back a new better person.