Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What People Want

I have a sense, a feeling, or gut feeling about what people need and want. I try my best to get to know what they need/want and then I provide it to them. I believe when you learn what people want and you provide it to them, they give you what you want. It is like a symbiotic relationship. This comes with constant thinking. On a daily basis I think about this. The ability to sense what others want and need is something you can cultivate by thinking about it on a daily basis. I was not born with it. It came from daily thinking about this. When I am driving, when I am walking, and many other times I am always thinking about this. What people want and how I can give it to them. I want to offer something unique, innovative and beneficial. Something students can use the next day at work. No useless stuff. Anyone can develop this sixth sense when they spend time on it and when think on it everyday. Noone is born with it. It is something (like exercise) you do to make it stronger.

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